Eminem will not release a solo album before the ye


me: just put @ infront of the name, or use the icon in the reply box with a little human and @ (that icon doesn't exist in this shout box but in the "normal" reply box) 8-) Apr 15, 2015 12:41:16 GMT -5
me: Sometimes users have changed their screen names so they can have a different username than what you see so then you can use the icon above the reply box Apr 15, 2015 12:42:44 GMT -5
xtina: thank you so much. I wanted to ask it before but always forget it. Apr 15, 2015 13:44:36 GMT -5
xtina: About what you were talking of TV at night, in Spain, once it's 12AM there is fortune teller or certain channels they show light porn. So tv becomes really boring. Apr 15, 2015 13:49:20 GMT -5
kat531: : oh yeah--can never forget Poltergeist!... I had PTSD the whole summer after being allowed to watch that when I was 9 yrs old. Very bad idea. I was terrified to go to bed every night, thinking about that clown under the bed... Apr 15, 2015 20:00:33 GMT -5
pvr: LOL I saw that opening weekend on the big screen! Can you imagine? Mom wanted to see it, so I went too. The scene with the guy eating the chicken wing was the one that got me. Still grosses me out a little. *shudders* Apr 15, 2015 20:14:24 GMT -5
kat531: : And the chairs stacking themselves up in the kitchen. **shudder**. I had straight up nightmares about that for months. That movie messed me up, man. Apr 15, 2015 20:28:17 GMT -5
pvr: I meant chicken leg, not wing. There was also a "steak surprise" involved, but we don't have to talk about that, do we? Ah, man, I know just what you mean. It messed me up too. I even look at trees more suspiciously now. Apr 15, 2015 20:37:02 GMT -5 *
kat531: Lol, . I ain't been right since. ;) Apr 15, 2015 21:19:09 GMT -5
ensoniq: eminemers, where can i find downloads? my external drive went out and i lost all the rarities and demo versions and underground collabs i've downloaded over the years. I own all the albums so i'm good on those i just need the more rare shit. what can i Apr 18, 2015 16:27:39 GMT -5
kat531: I'm no expert, but there are a lot of rare songs on the free Shady XV mixtape to come out last November. I was surprised with the number of full songs there too. Apr 18, 2015 18:21:25 GMT -5
Mike: Is their Alissa White Gluz's fans in this forum ? ♥ Apr 19, 2015 4:42:11 GMT -5 *
kat531: 4/20/15... What a big day for Stans... :D. A radio interview, a new song, and an outtakes video. All in one day. Wow. Thanks, Em!! You've made this Stan happy one again. 8-) Apr 20, 2015 21:22:05 GMT -5
me: HIII!!! HOW ARE YOU GUYS? <- I'm shouting because I completely lost my voice today, so you are like the only ones I can talk to :( Apr 22, 2015 13:27:39 GMT -5
kat531: HeHe, , that goes right along with the debate and I were having on the Best Friend thread last night. Or maybe you caught it from Em through osmosis? Apr 22, 2015 16:19:21 GMT -5
me: yeah I suggested virtually catching it from him in the tech n9ne thread yesterday. Well he obviously had his voice tho... Hmm... And I'm supposed to be a substitute teacher all day tomorrow! With 23 seven year olds... Yay! ...not Apr 22, 2015 16:39:24 GMT -5
kat531: Where did everyone go?? No posts the whole day? Apr 25, 2015 20:11:59 GMT -5
me: We're in lurking mode lol! (rofl) Apr 26, 2015 3:21:24 GMT -5
me: anyone got any fun ideas what to do when it's almost 3am but as soon as you lay down you cough your lungs up so there's no way you can try to sleep? :-S tomorrow will be fun... I guess I could just play solitaire 4 more hours until I have to get up... Apr 26, 2015 18:50:26 GMT -5
kat531: Awwww... So sorry, ! I know how miserable those coughs can be. Was gonna tell you to watch a certain Em video with a certain title, but that woulda been too predictable. Hope you got a little sleep! As long as I get 4 hrs, I can function. Apr 26, 2015 23:24:47 GMT -5