Eminem will not release a solo album before the ye


Matty: ugh royce can suck it -he is such a worm lol Jul 7, 2015 17:14:52 GMT -5
kat531: Waaahhh! I want back to the board... I feel so abandoned! :'( Why is everyone leaving me? :( :( Jul 16, 2015 22:41:59 GMT -5 *
cally: :( Jul 18, 2015 17:10:44 GMT -5
kat531: 8-) Jul 20, 2015 14:22:31 GMT -5
shadyrocks: I have been absent from the forums for so long but I'm back now! Jul 23, 2015 20:25:53 GMT -5
kat531: Welcome back, !! 8-) I love it when lots of people post on here. Jul 23, 2015 23:27:05 GMT -5
Matty: ordering pizza and guzzling wine tonight! and about to marathon some netflix! Jul 26, 2015 17:35:36 GMT -5
gg102: How was Def Leppard, Matty? Jul 26, 2015 20:29:32 GMT -5
Matty: it was a blast! We snuck into better seats and I got too drunk haha. The band sounded great live. I was jamming Jul 26, 2015 20:37:22 GMT -5
kat531: I want to go to another concert... But only if it's an Eminem one! I wonder if he's ever gonna do another... Shoulda gone last year when I had the chance! :( Jul 26, 2015 21:45:18 GMT -5
kat531: Sounds like you're celebrating the end of your job, ... Concerts, beer, wine, pizza and Netflix, LOL! Jul 26, 2015 21:47:45 GMT -5
gg102: , glad to hear you're enjoying freedom! Get your yayas out before your next gig and enjoy your summer! Jul 26, 2015 22:02:40 GMT -5 *
gg102: kat531, we ALL want to go to an Eminem concert...Let's hope he delivers in 2016! Jul 26, 2015 22:04:07 GMT -5
Matty: Hahaha I sure am @kat531 Jul 26, 2015 22:14:59 GMT -5
sparrow: Today would have Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's (AKA MCA) 51st birthday if he was still alive. Wonder if Em will say anything. He talked about him w/DJ Whoo Kidd once in what IMO was the only unplanned part of the interview. Aug 5, 2015 14:59:00 GMT -5 *
kat531: We get a new Eminem song tonight, folks!!! Can't wait for "Medicine Man"! :D :D :)) Aug 6, 2015 19:57:55 GMT -5
kat531: Damn! Em went freakin nuts on that track!! Straight outta his crazy mind. :o He's lost it, yo! He be turning into a ghost haunting us all thru the walls. That flow... Insane. But hits every beat perfect. LOVING this post-modern Em! :D Aug 6, 2015 22:01:55 GMT -5
kat531: What happened to your last post here, ? BTW, those pics from last night were a fabulous find! They generated 3 new pages on the picture thread. Saved you all from more pictures from the vault I kept finding & the random accompanying thoughts LOL. Aug 26, 2015 19:14:15 GMT -5
kat531: Looks like aka aka aka is back at it again! Sept 30, 2015 18:34:15 GMT -5
imogenthis: Hmm, yeah. I was wondering what the the hell they were going on about. Oct 5, 2015 19:25:08 GMT -5